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Ferron – Boulder (2008)

Posted in Music Reviews by lynn on November 18, 2008


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It’s apparent how respected Ferron is within the lesbian music community. Boulder is an album produced by Bitch and full of special lesbian appearances, by Ani DiFranco, JD Samson, and the Indigo Girls to name a few. Collaborating with such high profile artists definitely worked in Ferron’s advantage to create exposure of her music to younger generations that are more familiar with Bitch and JD Sampson. Ferron’s music is a calmed down, older and folkier version of Bitch, perhaps this is what Bitch would like to become in her later years after getting all of her riot grrl angst out.

The songs are beautifully written, with many different instruments ranging from violins to a saw which set the mood as a backdrop to Ferron’s deep, narrating voice. It’s a very pleasant album to listen to and served nicely as the backdrop to a quiet, relaxing evening.

Ani DiFranco appears on “Girl on a Road” which makes sense because the vocal style sounds just like an Ani DiFranco song. The album ends with a totally different feel with “In the Meantime” which features drum machine beats by JD Sampson. This song sounds like it wants to break out into something that you can dance to, but never quite reaches a climax.

This is an album that will accompany many heartbreaks.

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