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Chantal Chamandy – Beladi: A Night At The Pyramids DVD (2008)

Posted in Music Reviews by lynn on November 19, 2008


Chantal Chamandy
Beladi: A Night At The Pyramids

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ON SALE NOW: Chantal Chamandy’s Beladi: A Night at the Pyramids

Chantal Chamandy’s Beladi: A Night At The Pyramids is a live show of Chamandy performing at the base of the one of the 7th wonders of the ancient world, The Great Pyramids of Giza. When approached to do a live concert, Chamandy was asked to just play her guitar and sing, but she wanted more than an average concert. She wanted to tell the story of her roots and culture.

Chamandy is a French Canadian who was born in Alexandria, Egypt. By performing at the pyramids, not only was she doing something that no one else has ever done, but she was bringing her new roots of Montreal to her old stomping ground. The term Beladi means “My Country”. Chamandy also wanted to express that music can bring together people of all different cultures and religions.

The first disc of the DVD is the live performance which took place on September 7, 2007. Chamandy’s 90 minute show is accompanied by the Cairo Symphony Orchestra and a plethora of dancers. I have never heard of Chamandy before seeing this DVD, but she can easily be grouped in with the likes of Celine Dion and Cher.

The biggest complaint I have about the live performance is that the audio quality was mixed poorly. Normally, I need to turn my television set up to 50 for it to be comfortably audible but while watching Beladi, I had to turn it down to 23 and it still felt like my poor little speakers were about to blow.

The second disc chronicles “The Journey” and preparation that took place in order for this massive live show to succeed. “The Journey” is 115 minutes and a key component of this DVD. It was interesting to see all of the work and training that needed to take place prior to the performance. There were special features on the dancers, marching band, children’s choir, Cairo Symphony Orchestra, and Chantal herself.

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