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Laura Wood – Let Me Live (2007)

Posted in Music Reviews by lynn on November 19, 2008


Laura Wood
Let Me Live
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ON SALE NOW: Laura Wood’s Let Me Live

Laura Wood’s new album, Let Me Live starts off with “Falling From The Ground,” chock full of energy and catchy guitar riffs and solos which seem to be a prevalent theme on each song.

“Tell Them Why” starts off with a poppy drum beat that gets my head bobbing back and forth, but once you start listening to the lyrics, I don’t know whether I should be bobbing back and forth in the fetal position in the corner of a room or not. The lyrics are serious and dark, and Wood asks vaguely, “whose going to tell the children?” but I am left wondering what the children need to be told.

“Let me live” has hints of a Tracy Chapman influence which sets the tone for the fifth track “Time” which slows the pace for a moment but then gets amped up again with “Everywhere I Am.”

“Without Me” starts off with a bluesy bass line and lends hints of a Hedwig and the Angry Inch sound due to Wood’s uniquely raspy and androgynous voice.

The album ends with “This ain’t the end,” an acoustic closing accented with violins as Wood sings “Goodbye my friends, this ain’t the end.” If you like older, generic rock n roll, this album is for you. There’s nothing really original or fresh about it.

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