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Anyone’s Guess – Point: Counterpoint (2008)

Posted in Music Reviews by lynn on November 21, 2008


Anyone’s Guess
Point: Counterpoint
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ON SALE NOW: Anyone’s Guess’ Point: Counterpoint

Anyone’s Guess formed in 2006 after many failed attempts with other bands. The four members of Anyone’s Guess all came together with different musical tastes so they were uncertain of what kind of music the four of them would produce. To accommodate all the different directions the band wanted to go, they released their debut album Point: Counterpoint in June of 2008 which is a two disc set containing 10 songs each with corresponding titles. The first half of the album is titled Point featuring the band’s more aggressive and harder rock songs. The songs on this disc are all told from the perspective of one person. Counterpoint, the second half, is told from the other person’s point of view through softer, acoustic songs.

Through this double sided lens, Sanja Jovanovic constructs a thoughtful and emotional compilation of songs. Jovanovic, who writes all of the songs and sings lead, grew up in Serbia until she was 16 years old. Serbia isn’t the most gay-friendly Country in the world, and Jovanovic knows that first hand. In 2001, Serbia had its first gay pride march that turned into a fight for survival rather than a celebration of sexuality when a group of Serbian nationalists attacked gays, lesbians and allies. Jovanovic was careful not to use pro-nouns in her songs which could out her as a lesbian and bring harassment and discrimination against her. Instead she frames her songs as if she is singing directly to the person she is writing about. On the song “For You” on Point, she sings “I love your lips your skin and hands” about her first female love. Jovanovic explains that “people found out about our ‘choice’ of lifestyle and brainwashed her away from me”. The Counterpoint of “For You” tells the other side of the romance with Jovanovic’s harmonizing vocals alongside a single acoustic guitar.

Point: Counterpoint is such a diverse album that there’s a song on it for anyone, no matter what mood they are in. Pop in disc one if you need to get pumped up with energy or pop in disc two if you are looking for something much softer.

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