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The Places – Song for Creeps (2006)

Posted in Music Reviews by lynn on November 21, 2008


The Places
Songs for Creeps

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ON SALE NOW: The Places’ Songs for Creeps

The Places is made up of Amy Annelle from “panhandles/plateaus/ponds” and plays “Acousmatic Tape Music”, as her MySpace page describes.

Songs for Creeps starts off with a collection of many different sounds on “Miners Lie!” with Annelle’s comforting voice steering us through the song. Annelle’s songs take us on a ride, and there are so many things to hear along the way. Take for instance, “The Natural Arc,” which feels like a long wait for a train ride that starts off slow and builds into a fast, churning locomotive with a rhythmic low-tuned acoustic strum.

“Blessed Speed” and “The Lions Eye”, are much more folkier with guitars layering each other. She sings in a careless way and it suits her unique style and sound quite well.

Though her experimental style remains mostly folky on this album, Annelle incorporates different sounds that are often omitted from this genre, such as background radio-like noises and drum machines.

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