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Yelle – Pop Up (2008)

Posted in Music Reviews by lynn on November 21, 2008


Pop Up
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I first heard Yelle unknowingly at a dance party when “Je Veux Te Voir” came on and bodies started dancing all around me. That wasn’t the last time I heard that song and every time I heard it, I always wondered who it was.

After figuring it out, I listened to Pop-up in its entirety. The first song starts off with a catchy pop tune full of whistles and hand claps. The album title appropriately describes the sound you’ll hear for the next 50 minutes, but don’t let the electro bubble gum pop fool you. I almost wrote the album off thinking the whole appeal of Yelle was that it was just generic pop with French lyrics, until I really listened to what she had to say.

I wanna see you in a porn flick, getting busy with your potato or french fried shaped dick, so your body will have no more secrets from me” are the lyrics to Yelle’s single “Je Veux te Voir” which are directed towards Cuizinier, of the French rap group TTC, who is known for rapping sexist lyrics. She rose to MySpace fame from this parody and went on to record what is now Pop-up.

Her songs speak about sex and sexuality in humorous ways. “85A” is about itty bitty titty power, “Les Femmes” is about lesbian temptation and finger snaps (and by finger snaps, I mean the actual act of snapping your fingers along to music, not any nouveau lesbian sex technique, though that could be quite interesting as well…), and “Mon Meilleur Ami” is an ode to her best friend, a vibrator.

If you’re looking for something funky, fresh and French, Yelle’s Pop-up is worth the listen.

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