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Joan Osborne – Little Wild One (2008)

Posted in Music Reviews by lynn on December 16, 2008

Joan Osborne - little wild one

Joan Osborne
Little Wild One
Joan Osborne’s Little Wild One

Joan Osborne’s seventh studio album and latest release, Little Wild One, came out in September. This album is sure to receive a lot of attention as it’s the first time Osborne has re-united with Rick Chertoff, Rob Hyman and Eric Bazilian since her album, Relish, which launched her into the spotlight with her controversial what-would-Jesus-do song “One of Us”. The songs on this album have a poppy Americana and alt-country feel.

On Little Wild One, Osborne continues her religious theme by opening with “Hallelujah in the City” which contains a chorus of “hallelujah’s”, and again with references to angels in the piano-driven “Cathedrals.” Despite her religious lyrics, Osborne is a strong advocate for reproductive, LGBT and women’s rights, among other issues. She’s also had quite a few intimate encounters with women which she openly speaks about in an interview with Velvet Park.

In the first single off the album, “Sweeter Than the Rest” Osborne sings: “I am crossing Brooklyn ferry with the clouds to my west and I know what I’m missing, some are sweet but you are sweeter….than the rest”. Osborne pays homage to her New York City home multiple times on this album. She turns the tempo down a bit with one song written soley by herself, “Meet You in the Middle” and then turns that tempo back up with the exotic world sounds of “Can’t Say No.”

Little Wild One’s atmosphere is a great sound to accommodate those family gatherings during the Holidays.

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