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Portishead – Machine Gun

Posted in Music Reviews by lynn on April 12, 2009

Machine Gun is the first single off of Portishead’s latest release, Third, which came out in April 2008. This song differs from other Portishead songs due to its industrial influenced sound. The repetitive and always constant drum beat bears resemblance to it’s name, machine gun. The music video for this song shows the band in the studio. Watch it for yourself:

Listen to the first NINJATRON episode or get Machine Gun separately, or purchase the album

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Sex Education from a Mobile Ringtone

Posted in activism, social media by lynn on April 12, 2009

A ringtone that repeats the word “condom” sung in different melodies to spread the word of safe sex in India. According to Yvonne MacPherson, this is the “first time a mobile ring-tone had been used to communicate a social or public health message.” So far, the ringtone has been downloaded over 270,000 times and is helping to spark conversations about safe sex and to break condoms out of being a taboo subject (no pun intended).

Digital Tools Being Used: mobile cell phones (more info at MobileActive and ICT4Peace)

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Tempest in Cresent City – An online game about Hurricane Katrina

Posted in activism, social media by lynn on April 12, 2009

Description: To follow up on Talia’s post about the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a game has been developed by Global Kids and Game Pill in efforts to raise youth’s awareness about the “ongoing relief efforts in New Orleans“. The game, Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Cresent City, is played from the point of view of Vivica Waters, a fictional character who is searching for her mother in the aftermath of Katrina. Along the way, Vivica must help her fellow neighbors-in-distress while dodging debris and braving the rising flood waters. The accompanying website is full of resources and educational information about Hurricane Katrina’s impact in New Orleans along with ways to get invovled to help out.


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