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Sex Education from a Mobile Ringtone

Posted in activism, social media by lynn on April 12, 2009

A ringtone that repeats the word “condom” sung in different melodies to spread the word of safe sex in India. According to Yvonne MacPherson, this is the “first time a mobile ring-tone had been used to communicate a social or public health message.” So far, the ringtone has been downloaded over 270,000 times and is helping to spark conversations about safe sex and to break condoms out of being a taboo subject (no pun intended).

Digital Tools Being Used: mobile cell phones (more info at MobileActive and ICT4Peace)

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Tempest in Cresent City – An online game about Hurricane Katrina

Posted in activism, social media by lynn on April 12, 2009

Description: To follow up on Talia’s post about the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a game has been developed by Global Kids and Game Pill in efforts to raise youth’s awareness about the “ongoing relief efforts in New Orleans“. The game, Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Cresent City, is played from the point of view of Vivica Waters, a fictional character who is searching for her mother in the aftermath of Katrina. Along the way, Vivica must help her fellow neighbors-in-distress while dodging debris and braving the rising flood waters. The accompanying website is full of resources and educational information about Hurricane Katrina’s impact in New Orleans along with ways to get invovled to help out.


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Californians Against Hate- Who Were The Top 12 Contributors For Prop 8?

Posted in activism, LGBTQ by lynn on December 16, 2008

Californians Against Hate has researched and named the top 12 financial contributors to the “Yes on Proposition 8” campaign that heavily influenced people in key states to discriminate against and take away the rights of LGBTQ people in America. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Proposition 8 is an amendment to the Constitution that restricts same-sex couples from marrying. Despite all the efforts and progress which allowed and recognized same-sex couples the right to marry, and despite the many same-sex couples who did get married, Proposition 8 overrides all of those marriages. It is amazing to me that our Country still has such a conservative mindset even after electing President Obama, who views all people as equal no matter their sexual orientation.

californians against hate

The Dishonor Roll names these 12 contributors along with hundreds of other individuals, businesses, organizations and churches that funded hatred and discrimination to stay alive in our Country. The Knights of Columbus made it to the top of the list with donations amounting to $1,425,000. Among the top contributors include the National Organization for Marriage ($1,041,134.80), Focus on the Family($539,643.66), American Family Association ($500,000) and Concerned Women for America ($409,000).

William Bolthouse of the Bolthouse Foundation gave $100,000 towards pro-Proposition 8 campaigns. Their website makes it a point to state that The Bolthouse Foundation is separate from Bolthouse Farms and that all financial contributions made by each are based on the decisions of each entity and do not reflect on the other. So not only do the new owners of Bolthouse Farms disagree with the The Bolthouse Foundation on Proposition 8, but they also give medical benefits to employees with same sex partners and have donated a generous amount of money to LGBTQ organizations. With that said, I can drink my Bolthouse Green Goodness drinks guilt-free!

One thing that seemed to be common among the people who made it onto the Dishonor Roll is that a lot of them are alumna of Brigham Young University. If the sanctity of marriage is so important, why are there not stricter rules for getting a divorce? Or a stricter process to get married? Getting married should be just as hard as getting U.S. Citizenship.

The Dishonor Roll has been a great resources for queer activists who are boycotting and have staged demonstrations against companies such as Hoehn Motors ($25,000), Cinemark Cinemas ($9,999), and A-1 Storage ($693,000) to name a few of the larger contributors. Queer activists are also boycotting many Mormon owned businesses as well. We can still vote with our wallets to show these bigots that we are not backing down on our rights. Hopefully in the next 4 years all of the bigotry will reverse itself. With the leadership of a President who really cares about equality for every human being I believe it can happen.

The Hub

Posted in activism, social media by lynn on November 21, 2008

Witness, an organization dedicated to creating exposure of human rights violations all over the globe through the use of video, has launched a beta version of The Hub. The Hub is a collection of videos that focus on human rights issues. Anyone can create an account and upload a video as long as it relates to human rights. Each video page has information and resources about the issue and links to the campaigns where you can take action.

Activists in China have been uploading videos to The Hub to show instances of police violence upon civilian protesters. The videos were originally uploaded to Chinese video hosting sites, but were quickly taken down. There is also a heavy focus on the 2008 Olympics and how bringing the Olympics to China has only made their human rights worse.

If you or your organization have a video already made, the ease of use is simple. Just follow these steps to create an account and upload your video.

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Using Ad Clicks to Protest Corporations

Posted in activism, social media by lynn on November 21, 2008

Grassroots organizers have been attacking big corporation by using their ads against them. Have you ever seen an ad for a makeup product that has been tested on animals? There’s no way you would ever buy or support that company, so clicking on that banner ad would probably never cross your mind. Now, activists and organizers have been actively seeking out these banners by searching for specific keywords to find them so they can click on them and NOT buy their products, resulting in a loss in ad revenue for the business. Once they are at the website of the company, they then go to the Contact page to send them an e-mail explaining why they are protesting.

When doing a search to see exactly which organizations were doing this type of protest, information could not be found. This may be because of the anonymity that organizers wish to keep so they are not held accountable for costing these businesses money.
politech.wordpress.comThe purpose of the action is to cost businesses money by clicking on ads with no intent to purchase their project. This costs the company money and also tells them that people are boycotting the purchase of their product for certain reasons.

The tactic sounds great in theory, but just like in most cases, most things are in favor of big business. There was an instance where Google was sued due to click fraud and ended up refunding the businesses that were affected.

This would be a fairly easy tactic for any organizer and can be used for many different issues

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