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Using Ad Clicks to Protest Corporations

Posted in activism, social media by lynn on November 21, 2008

Grassroots organizers have been attacking big corporation by using their ads against them. Have you ever seen an ad for a makeup product that has been tested on animals? There’s no way you would ever buy or support that company, so clicking on that banner ad would probably never cross your mind. Now, activists and organizers have been actively seeking out these banners by searching for specific keywords to find them so they can click on them and NOT buy their products, resulting in a loss in ad revenue for the business. Once they are at the website of the company, they then go to the Contact page to send them an e-mail explaining why they are protesting.

When doing a search to see exactly which organizations were doing this type of protest, information could not be found. This may be because of the anonymity that organizers wish to keep so they are not held accountable for costing these businesses money.
politech.wordpress.comThe purpose of the action is to cost businesses money by clicking on ads with no intent to purchase their project. This costs the company money and also tells them that people are boycotting the purchase of their product for certain reasons.

The tactic sounds great in theory, but just like in most cases, most things are in favor of big business. There was an instance where Google was sued due to click fraud and ended up refunding the businesses that were affected.

This would be a fairly easy tactic for any organizer and can be used for many different issues

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