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William Control – Hate Culture (2008)

Posted in Music Reviews by lynn on December 15, 2008

William Control - Hate Culture 2008

William Control
Hate Culture
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William Control is the side project of Wil Francis of the Seattle based post-hardcore band, Aiden. The album, Hate Culture, is a collection of Francis’ techno-industrial, new wave, Depeche Mode-influenced songs. The album serves as Francis’ form of self medication as it’s packed with dark songs full of suicide references. Desperation and depression are just a few of the reoccurring themes to be found on Hate Culture.

The songs on this album are a reflection of Francis’ past. In his teenage years he felt very lonely and was not opposed to seeking violence as an outlet. In 1999, he went to jail for planning a mass shooting in Seattle. Upon being released, he decided to turn his life around and get back into playing music. In a Suicide Girls’ interview he claimed that “once again, music saved life, like it’s done over and over again.”

The first track opens with Francis stating “I am William Control… and I do NOT want you to like me” and then launches into the danceable “Beautiful Loser.” The album’s title track, “Hate Culture”, opens with futuristic, new wave synths and a slowly evolving drum track. The album is a nonstop gothic saga that tragically ends with an acoustic guitar accompanied by a sad violin waging the war between hate and love in William Control’s world.

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